Conspiracy Theorist Lin Wood Pens Letter to GA State Bar Members

WASHINGTON, D.C. — L. Lin Wood, a conservative lawyer and conspiracy theorist best known for unsuccessfully challenging the legitimate results of the Georgia general and runoff elections, published an open letter on Tuesday addressed to his fellow members of the Georgia state bar. The letter was an attempt to gather supporters as he fights multiple consequences from the state bar for his role in spreading and promoting unfounded election fraud theories in order to overturn the November election. Wood has been asked to submit to a mental health assessment in order to keep his law license in Georgia after multiple complaints were filed with the state bar regarding his conduct. 

In his Tuesday letter, Wood alleges that these potential consequences for his involvement in an attempt to undermine democracy are a violation of his rights, and he asks fellow Georgia bar members to consider that they could be targeted next in “a political witch hunt not seen since the Salem Witch Trials.” Wood goes on to compare his predicament to “the Nazi takeover of the Berlin Bar…or the giants of the Civil Rights era, who faced jail and even death in order to promote unpopular ideas.” He ends with a plea that his fellow lawyers contact the Georgia bar and advocate on his behalf.

Wood is also currently running to serve as the chairman of the South Carolina GOP. 

Read the letter here.