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Texas Voter Suppression Law (OCA-Greater Houston)

OCA-Greater Houston v. Esparza

Lawsuit filed on behalf of OCA-Greater Houston, League of Women Voters of Texas, REVUP-Texas, Texas Organizing Project and Workers Defense Action Fund challenging the state’s voter suppression law, Senate Bill 1. As the lawsuit was filed before S.B. 1 was signed into law, the suit seeks to block S.B. 1 before it becomes law and goes into effect. The suit challenges multiple provisions of S.B. 1: strict ID requirements for mail-in ballots, a restriction on providing assistance to voters who need help completing or returning their ballots and a ballot collection ban. The suit argues that these provisions violate the Voting Rights Act, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Americans with Disabilities Act, Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and First and 14th Amendments by intentionally making it difficult for voters of color, voters with limited English proficiencies and voters with disabilities to cast a ballot. The case was consolidated with four others challenging S.B. 1 and subsequently closed. All future filings can be found in La Union del Pueblo Entero v. Abbott.

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