State of Oregon

Oregon Voting Machines Challenge (Morrise)

Morrise v. Harrington

Lawsuit brought by two Oregon voters against multiple Washington County commissioners alleging that the county’s use of electronic voting machines violates state and federal law. The plaintiffs claim that Oregon’s voting machines were not properly accredited or certified and the use of “noncertified machine use dilut[es] their voice and dilut[es] their county’s vote.” The plaintiffs also argue that since “machine verification [is] at question,” it means that “every election held since the minimum of 2017 is undecided, meaning our current officials would be violating and impersonating a public servant.” Among other claims, the plaintiffs allege that the defendants violated Oregon law by “[p]reventing or attempting to prevent the correct operation of any voting machining or vote tally system” and by failing “to report election fraud.” The plaintiffs request a “judgment setting aside declaring the election machines and software used in the 2020 elections and 2022 election are not compliant [with state and federal laws].” They also request that “Washington County election machines, printers, and tabulators be excluded from use in the November 8, 2022 election, and further barring the use of election machines in the future.” In addition, the plaintiffs request that the court “compel Washington County to return to nothing short of hand counted paper ballots.”  This case was consolidated with Gunter v. Fagan, where all future updates may be found.

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