State of Missouri

Missouri Impasse Litigation (Berry I)

Berry v. Missouri

Lawsuit filed in state court on behalf of a Republican candidate running for Congress challenging Missouri’s congressional map drawn with 2010 census data following the release of 2020 census data. Given the Missouri Legislature’s failure to enact a new congressional map based on new census data before the candidate filing period opened and since a future agreement seems unlikely, the plaintiff argues that it’s time for the state court to take over the redistricting process. The lawsuit asks the court to implement a new map using 2020 census data that accurately reflects the state’s population and adheres to the constitutional requirement of one person, one vote. The court declined to act on an expedited schedule as requested by the plaintiff, pointing to the fact that the Missouri Legislature is in session until May 13 and still has time to pass a new congressional map. On March 28, the plaintiff then voluntarily dismissed the case.

Case Documents

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