State of Kentucky

Kentucky Redistricting Challenge

Graham v. Adams

Lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of voters and the Kentucky Democratic Party challenging Kentucky’s new state House and congressional maps. The complaint argues that the challenged maps are partisan gerrymanders that favor Republicans and unnecessarily split counties in violation of the Kentucky Constitution. The plaintiffs argue that the Republican-controlled Legislature manipulated districts and unnecessarily paired populations of different counties to create 75 safe Republican districts and nine competitive districts out of the 100 state House districts, while the new congressional map diluted Democratic voting power in order to shore up votes for two Republican incumbents. The lawsuit asks the court to declare the maps unconstitutional and order the creation of new maps that comply with the state constitution. On Nov. 10, a trial court held that the Kentucky’s state House and congressional maps do not violate the Kentucky Constitution and noted that “the Kentucky Constitution does not explicitly prohibit the General Assembly from making partisan considerations during the apportionment process.”

Case Documents

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