State of Arizona

Arizona Voting Machine Challenge

Lake v. Hobbs

Lawsuit filed on behalf of a Republican candidate for governor, Keri Lake, and state Rep. Mark Finchem (R), a candidate for Arizona secretary of state, challenging Arizona’s use of electronic voting machines. The plaintiffs allege that Arizona’s use of electronic voting machines violates their fundamental right to vote guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Arizona law because “the vote tallies reported by electronic voting machines cannot, without objective evaluation, be trusted to accurately show which candidates actually received the most votes.” The complaint suggests that, because electronic machines are often connected to the internet and use software that is not publicly disclosed, the machines are “inherently vulnerable” to cyberattacks and voting fraud. The plaintiffs focus much of their complaint on Dominion voting machines, a big focal point of Big Lie supporters following the 2020 election. The lawsuit asks the court to ban the use of electronic voting machines in Arizona and require that voters fill out paper ballots that are hand counted in future elections. Litigation is ongoing.

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