State of Arizona

Arizona 2022 Attorney General Election Decertification Challenge III

Hamadeh v. Mayes

Lawsuit filed by right-wing lawyer Ryan Heath on behalf of failed Republican Arizona attorney general candidate, Abraham Hamadeh, against Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes (D), Secretary of State Adrian Fontes (D), Gov. Katie Hobbs (D), and members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. The plaintiff alleges that Attorney General Mayes unlawfully holds office in Arizona. The plaintiff requests that the court issue a writ of quo warranto — a challenge to someone’s ability to hold public office — requiring that Mayes “cease functioning as Arizona’s Attorney General” and instate Hamadeh as attorney general.

The plaintiff alleges that Maricopa County violated Arizona law during the 2022 midterm elections by comparing voters’ signatures on their mail-in ballots to the most recent historical signature and not comparing the voter’s signature to the “registration record.” Because of this, the plaintiff claims that “hundreds of thousands of votes were illegally tabulated in Maricopa County.” Consequently, the plaintiff requests that the court order Maricopa County elections officials to decertify the 2022 attorney general race and order a new election for the attorney general race to be held in Maricopa County with the 2023 primary or earlier. The plaintiff also requests that the court direct Maricopa County to purge the voter registration record “of all improper signatures.” 

This case was consolidated with Mast v. Hobbs, where all future updates may be found.

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