Marc Elias

As the founder of Democracy Docket and Elias Law Group, Marc Elias is a nationally recognized authority in voting rights, redistricting and law. In 2020, Marc led the historic legal effort to protect voting rights, winning over 60 lawsuits in 2020 against the GOP’s efforts to suppress the vote. As Republicans continue to mount aggressive challenges to voting, Marc continues to fight back in court and on Twitter. Fighting for democracy by his side is Marc’s Portuguese Water Dog named Bode.

What Got Me Through 2020

On the last day of 2020, I wanted to share with you what kept me going this extra-long election cycle — the light-hearted motivators and the inspiring activists. And of course, Bode and my amazing family.

By Marc Elias

A collage that includes a pink can of La Croix, the abulm "Alicia", the Partying Face emoji, the Serial podcast logo, a "Bark Box" featuring various dog toys and treats, a Meerkat Manor poster, and a book titled "No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention"

Profiles in Cowardice

Those of us who care about democracy can no longer afford to rely on the type of prideful political courage Kennedy described in 1955. We must go further to display our own political courage by tackling these grave problems.

By Marc Elias

The face of an elephant with his trunk ripping through a Pennsylvania general election ballot, leaving a gaping hole in the ballot

The Urgency of Now

All of us have a moral obligation to continue the fight for freedom and justice that was the cornerstone of Justice Ginsburg’s life and career. And we must do it now. We cannot wait for our mourning to be over.

By Marc Elias

A blue-tinted Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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