What Got Us Through 2022

Collage on a bright blue background, images include: voting rights sweatshirt, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You album, Midnights album, la croix, tweets and tiktoks, How Civil War Starts book, Lady Justice book, Allow Me to Retort book, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, characters from Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Daily podcast, Rex Chapman poster, dog and county map.

In 2022, we faced a bitter midterm elections year, exacerbated by gerrymandering and courts that allowed legislatures to get away with unfair maps. Republican legislators continued to pass more restrictive voting laws, switching focusing from who can vote to who controls elections. The Republican National Committee (RNC) and allies brought their vendetta against mail-in voting to courtrooms. The U.S. Supreme Court wreaked havoc on the country. 

But, as we near the end of the year, we wanted to reflect on the lighter side of things, now a yearly tradition. Here’s what inspired and entertained us in 2022 — the funny, absurd and remarkable that got us through the toughest moments. First up, Marc’s favorites.

From Marc:

Best Album: Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You (Big Thief)

It was produced by the drummer and is a double album. What more can you want?

Best Song: Degradation Rules (Ozzy Osbourne)

One more for the old man. His best in many years.

Best Books: 

The Gotti Wars (John Gleeson)

Growing up in New York in the 80s, this was the big story.

How Civil Wars Start (Barbara F. Walter)

A definitive book on a critical topic.

The Year of the Puppy: How Dogs Become Themselves (Alexandra Horowitz)

Bode’s favorite.

Favorite Emoji: 👻

I really scared the GOP this year.

Best Bubbly: La Croix Razz-Cranberry

Don’t even try to sell me on pamplemousse.

Best Snack: Quest Mint Chocolate Chip Bar

All protein, no sugar.

Best Twitter Accounts: 


The only law professor who got our Georgia runoff election litigation right.


Smart, strong and uplifting from an NBA great.

Every Account on Post.news

My guess for where we are all going in 2023.

Best Podcast: 

The Daily – The New York Times

I didn’t want to like it, but it’s great.

Defending Democracy

We are new, but we are awesome.

Best Newsletter: 

On the Docket

No better way to stay informed.


The must read newsletter to understand the Twitter implosion.

Favorite Democracy Docket Merch Item: “Democracy Docket” Sticker

I know I should say a shirt or sweatshirt, but I love the sticker — it should be on every computer.

Worst RNC Legal Action: Everything Filed After Labor Day

Toward the end of the stretch, the RNC went on an amazing losing streak. 

Biggest Election Day Surprise: U.S. House of Representatives Control

Democrats won everything close and then some. 

Biggest Upset: Democrats Expanding the U.S. Senate

Unpredicted, unprecedented, unbelievable!

Democracy Docket:

The Democracy Docket team grew by several team members in 2022. Together, we covered the ways that the judiciary shapes democracy across the country. Here’s what fueled us throughout a tense midterms year, hours of courtroom hearings and too much time spent on Twitter.

Best Album: Midnights (Taylor Swift)

There was no Red Wave in the 2022 midterm elections, maybe just a Lavender Haze. 

Best Song: Daylight (Harry Styles)

Can’t stop humming.

Best Books: 

Lady Justice: Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America (Dahlia Lithwick)

Meet the women at the forefront of the legal battles during former President Donald Trump’s administration.

Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution (Elie Mystal)

The snarky, smart tale of what the courts are getting wrong. 

Best Movie: Everything Everywhere All At Once 

How we feel when courts drop all of their decisions at 5 p.m. on a Friday. 

Best Binge-Worthy TV Show: The White Lotus

Don’t be like Daphne, be sure to vote.

Best Podcast: Strict Scrutiny 

The only three law professors who can make SCOTUS’ doom and gloom year of tyranny entertaining.

Best Tik Tok Account: Democracy Docket

It’s not just for Gen-Z.


Maybe check your voicemail, Mark Finchem?

Least likely to follow a court order: The Ohio Redistricting Commission and Cochise County, Arizona Board of Supervisors

This is a reminder to everyone in 2023 that court orders aren’t optional.

Most Frivolous Lawsuit: Kansas “Decertify and Rerun” 2020 Election in 2022 Lawsuit and Nevada’s “illegal geometric formula” Lawsuit

It was hard to choose.

Favorite Democracy Docket Merch Item: Restore The Voting Rights Act Sweatshirt 

We wear our love of voting rights on our sleeves.

Best Place to Give: Abortion Funds

Protect reproductive rights, today and always.