The Best and Worst of 2023

A 4 axis white graph paper featuring images representing the various best and worst of 2023 categories as decided by democracy docket.

The year 2023 was up and down for voting rights and democracy. Voters scored two major wins at the U.S. Supreme Court, but saw Republicans enact restrictive voting policies throughout the country. Dangerous election administration policies continued to flourish, while democracy held sturdy in the off-year elections.

From the least likely to follow a court order to the most controversial online discourse, Democracy Docket breaks down the best and worst of 2023.

Best Movie


We think the Barbieland Supreme Court would be much friendlier to voting rights.

Best Album


Our anthem heading into 2024.

Best YouTube

Defending Democracy

Marc’s backdrop definitely deserves a review from the roomrater

Best Binge-Worthy TV Show

Jury Duty

Some people at Democracy Docket really like reality TV, whether it’s Real Housewives, Love is Blind or CSPAN’s coverage of Kevin McCarthy losing the House Speaker vote *cough cough* 15 times.

Best Podcast

Defending Democracy

Mayyyyybe there’s some bias here, but we truly love the pod!

Best Court Decision

Moore v. Harper and Allen v. Milligan

The U.S. Supreme Court shocked us all when it defended the Voting Rights Act and swatted down a crackpot Republican legal theory.

Sorest Loser

Kari Lake 

She probably filed another appeal over an election she lost more than a year ago while we were writing this.

Least Likely To Follow A Court Order

The state of Alabama

Enough said.

Most Controversial Discourse

Scooped Bagels

Not going to lie, the Democracy Docket team is split on the scooped bagel discourse..

The One We Can’t Stop Thinking About 

Cochise County

Like Kari Lake, this Arizona county won’t quit…losing. 

Best Conspiracy Theory

Ron DeSantis’ heel lifts

Or maybe it’s just terrible style…. who are we kidding it’s probably the heel lifts. Even shoe experts say as much.

Best Mugshot 

Jenna Ellis 

A picture worth a thousand words (or tears).

Biggest Flop

Kevin McCarthy speaker vote

As the saying goes, the 15th time’s the charm!

Hardest Slay

George Santos

I mean, have you seen the paparazzi pics?

Biggest Win For The Judiciary

Voting rights attorneys.

President Joe Biden has made a particular effort to diversify the federal judiciary, and voting rights attorneys have been crucial to that effort.