Here’s How You Can Take Action To Protect Voting Rights

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You read about the fight for voting rights, gather all the information you can and stay up to date on all democracy-related news. At times, the current state of voting rights and elections can seem bleak, and many folks across the country feel powerless against partisan state actors and congressional inaction. 

We want to be a resource for you — not only for information, but for how you can take action, too.  

Whether you live in a state that’s at the center of the voting rights fight, or you are elsewhere in the country and want to ensure that everyone’s vote counts, we’ve gathered the most urgent volunteer opportunities in one place. In the months leading up to fall elections and next year’s midterms, the work of voter registration, education and engagement is more important than ever. Find the volunteer opportunity that works best for you below, and sign up to make a difference in this battle for our democracy.

Here is a list of opportunities in key states:


Arizona Coalition for Change is a Black-led organization working to further justice and democracy in the state. They’ve registered over 10,000 new BIPOC voters in 2019 alone. Volunteer with the voting rights team here.


The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition works with formerly incarcerated Floridians to aid re-entry, fight for criminal justice reform and help eligible people with convictions register to vote and regain their constitutional rights. Read their democracy platform here, then sign up to volunteer. 


In Georgia, the fight continues to ensure that as many voters are registered as possible before the midterms. Volunteer to register voters with the New Georgia Project and help keep the Peach State blue. Sign up here.


The ACLU of Iowa is fighting back against the discriminatory voter suppression law enacted this spring. Sign up for a whole host of on-the-ground volunteer opportunities to help voters navigate the system before the next election. 


In Texas, only licensed deputy registrars can get folks registered to vote. That means that the state needs lots of them, and fast. Beto O’Rourke’s Powered by People runs a program to help you become a volunteer deputy registrar and get residents in your county registered before the next election. Sign up here!

Washington, D.C, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Phoenix and other cities across America 

On the 58th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington, citizens will rise up to demand voting rights reform and equitable access to our democracy. Join March On for Voting Rights on Aug. 28 for a march to make history in Washington and other major cities across the country.

Opportunities You Can Do Anywhere:

Volunteer with the Poor People’s Campaign

The Poor People’s Campaign hosts their Moral Mondays all summer — a series of direct action opportunities to protect our democracy and restore much-needed election legislation. Join a Moral Monday event on their upcoming calendar here.

Volunteer with Election Protection

Election Protection, the nonpartisan voter protection coalition group, has opportunities to educate, empower and protect voters every election. If you’re a legal professional, law student or paralegal, they have dedicated opportunities — but anyone can help be a nonpartisan poll watcher to ensure everyone has their ballot counted. Sign up to volunteer here.

Volunteer with VoteRiders

VoteRiders works in states with voter ID laws to ensure that voters have the correct identification they need through community outreach, legal support and voter education. Volunteer to help their efforts here.

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The fight for voting rights has been a long one, and it requires us to use all the tools available to protect our democracy. From the courts to Congress to direct action, we can make a difference and protect our elections, but it will take all of us. Sign up to volunteer today and help protect the rights of your neighbors.