Trump Is Lying About Vote by Mail To Suppress the Vote

President Donald Trump with a Twitter warning label over his mouth that says "Get the facts about mail-in ballots" with vaious Twitter warning explanation points circling his head

Yesterday, Donald Trump fired off his latest round of attacks on vote by mail, once again tweeting misleading distinctions between “absentee” and “mail-in” ballots. He proclaimed there was a BIG difference between voting by mail and voting absentee.

Let’s be clear — this is all part of his latest disinformation campaign to suppress the vote.

Even his very own legal team admitted that the two terms mean the same thing. As part of their baseless lawsuit attacking vote by mail in Pennsylvania, here is what the GOP and Trump told a federal court:

It’s not like any of this should come as a surprise. When an election is on the line, spreading lies and disinformation about “widespread voter fraud” has been Trump’s go-to strategy from the very beginning.

His 2016 rallying cry: “millions of people voted illegally.”

On top of countless studies showing ZERO proof of voter fraud, for whatever it’s worth, even Lindsey Graham, urged Trump to “knock this off.” Yet he continued his crusade…

Desperate to prove a point, Trump invited all of the best voter suppressors in town to the White House and launched the quickly-disbanded Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.

The results: NO findings of voter fraud.

Four years later, Trump is back at his favorite game of voter suppression. But this time, the GOP has agreed to step in to help.

This year’s theme: an all-out attack on vote by mail.

Why? Because they’re terrified of losing in November. 

As the Voter Suppressor in Chief, Trump has repeatedly turned to his Twitter bully pulpit to tout false claims of voter fraud and sow confusion around our voting processes.

Just a few of many recent examples:

And of course, all of these false claims were met with fact check after fact check, proving them untrue. Even Twitter stepped in and flagged Trump’s outright lie about vote by mail, which of course he did not like. And just as Trump campaign Sr. Counsel Justin Clark admitted on 60 Minutes, all of this is because more people voting is a threat to the president’s election.

It’s why the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee are investing $20 million in a voter suppression war chest to combat voting rights lawsuits in court.

It’s why the GOP is recruiting and training 50,000 “poll watchers” to intimidate voters in minority communities.

It’s why Republican state parties like the North Carolina GOP are erecting new barriers to casting a ballot every day.

It’s even why the GOP is pathetically claiming my legal team’s voting rights victories as its own. My 35+ voting rights cases are an early warning: Donald Trump‘s assault on our democracy won’t go unchecked. Together, we will take down the Voter Suppression Party of Trump.

Because in 2020 Democracy is on the Docket.