The Democracy Agenda

A blue and white protest sign that says "Democracy Agenda NOW!"

Last week’s attack on the U.S. Capitol was the culmination of a four-year assault on our democracy by Donald Trump and his allies.

Leading up to the election, we saw the enactment of rules and laws intended to prevent people from voting in a pandemic, as well as an unprecedented effort to disenfranchise voters in court. 

After the election, we saw Trump and his allies file more than 60 failed lawsuits aimed at thwarting the will of the electorate. We witnessed Trump attempting to exploit weaknesses in the post-election certification process and coerce state and local officials.

Even after right-wing extremists tried to tear into the heart of American government, many House and Senate GOP members continued their cynical charade to cast doubt on the 2020 election results. 

They failed, but in doing so deeply damaged our country and showed the weakened state of our democratic institutions.

As we head toward Jan. 20, many are asking: how do we harness the power of unified control of government and the progressive community to ensure that we never find ourselves in this position again? 

Democracy Docket will help center the conversation by serving as a platform for bold, new reform ideas and encouraging civic participation to pursue the healing and strengthening of democracy.

That is why we are launching our new “Democracy Agenda.” The goal of the agenda is to solicit, propose and amplify voting reforms that will allow the Biden-Harris Administration, Congress, state legislatures and progressive organizations to protect and expand the right to vote, ensure fair districting and restore democratic values. 

Following Inauguration Day, we will set Democracy Agenda in motion through our “100 Days of Democracy” campaign.

In short, we are committed to restoring and expanding democracy to help form a more perfect union.

We hope you will join us and offer your own ideas about what should be included in the new Democracy Agenda.