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Democracy First

Despite evidence that Republicans are preparing to subvert the results of future elections, too many Democrats remain focused on other things. While Republicans are united on a forward-looking strategy to attack democracy, Democrats’ attention is scattered.

By Marc Elias

The Greek god Atlas holding up the weight of the Democratic Agenda featuring climate change, child tax credits, economic stimulus, COVID-19 response, immigration reform, and student loans

It Is Time To Admit That Democracy Is a Partisan Issue

Discussing the threats to democracy without reference to partisanship is like describing Jim Crow without referring to race. States don’t enact voter suppression laws in a vacuum — Republican politicians enact these laws over the objections of Democrats.

By Marc Elias

A blue-tinted knight, riding a donkey, dueling against a red-tinted knight, riding a large elephant, who is wielding a large fountain pen

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