Wisconsin Governor Vetoes Nine Republican Election Bills

WASHINGTON, D.C. Last Friday, Gov. Tony Evers (D) vetoed nine separate election bills passed by the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature. The vetoed bills would have: 

  • Banned the use of private election grants and banned local officials from correcting information on absentee ballots;
  • Narrowed the definition of “indefinitely confined” voters, a category of voters who can vote absentee without showing a photo ID;
  • Required the state to verify the citizenship of those who register to vote using a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services database;
  • Made it harder to request absentee ballots by adding more requirements;
  • Required the state to deactivate the registrations of voters whose registrations have two or more discrepancies with records from the Department of Transportation;
  • Given the Legislature more power to block federal election guidance, block policies of the Wisconsin Elections Commission and cut funding from agencies that violate election law and
  • Removed voters from registration lists based on information they submit for jury selection.

Republicans do not have the numbers needed to override any of these vetoes, although they could reintroduce the bills next year — especially if Evers is defeated in his bid for reelection.

Find Evers’ veto messages here.