Video Leaked of Heritage Action Bragging about Writing GOP Suppression Bills

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The dark money group Heritage Action, associated with the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, was caught on a leaked video bragging about their role in writing the series of voter suppression bills that have passed in states across the country over the last few months. The video was recorded at a private meeting with high dollar donors in April, and published by Mother Jones

In the video, Heritage Action executive director Jessica Anderson brags about the group’s work to “quickly and quietly” get voter suppression legislation passed in key swing states, as part of the group and the GOP’s promotion of the Big Lie and continuing efforts to limit ballot access after Donald Trump’s loss. Heritage Action’s work, according to Anderson, includes recommending provisions to be included in legislation, providing state legislators with information and language to help draft proposals, and sometimes even writing the bills themselves before feeding them to local representatives. In other cases, “we have a sentinel, on our behalf, give [the legislators] the model legislation so it has that grassroots, from the bottom-up type of vibe,” Anderson said on video.

Heritage Action has announced plans to spend upwards of $24 million pushing voter suppression legislation in key swing states before the 2022 elections.

Watch the leaked video on Mother Jones here.