Unnecessary Election Audit Begins in Georgia

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a ruling on Friday, a judge agreed to unseal Fulton County’s absentee ballots, allowing an additional, unnecessary audit of Georgia’s most populous county to continue. A lawsuit filed by nine Georgia voters alleges, without proof, that some ballots in the 2020 election were fraudulently cast and counted incorrectly. The nine voters will be paying for the cost of the audit and will receive scans of the absentee ballots and check for evidence that the ballots were filled out by machines instead of individual voters. 

In a statement, Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts said it was “outrageous that Fulton County continues to be a target of those who cannot accept the results from last year’s election.” As is the case with another redundant audit in Arizona, “the votes have been counted multiple times, including a hand recount, and no evidence of fraud has been found,” Pitts said. “The fact remains that Fulton County safely and securely carried out an election in the midst of a public health crisis. It’s a shame to see that the ‘Big Lie’ lives on and could cost the hardworking taxpayers of this county.” 

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