NY Senate Moves to Suspend Unnecessary Travel to GA

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The New York state Senate is considering a bill that would suspend unnecessary state-funded travel to Georgia while its new voter suppression law, Senate Bill 202, remains in place. The proposal would serve as a sort of state-sponsored sanction of Georgia in protest of the new law, which shortens absentee ballot return times, restricts drop boxes, criminalizes giving food or water to voters waiting in line and much more. 

New York’s legislation joins a growing list of boycott and sanction efforts encouraged by voting rights activists in Georgia that attempt to pressure state Republicans to revisit the legislation. Delta Airlines, an Atlanta-based corporation, issued a statement this morning condemning the bill, and dozens of Black business leaders have joined forces to call on corporate America to take action. 

Senate Bill 6029 would suspend any New York state-funded travel to Georgia unless necessary for the public health, welfare and safety of the state, or for the enforcement of state law, as long as S.B. 202 remains in effect. 

Read S. 6029 here.