North Dakota Legislature Proposes Amendment To Restrict Ballot Measures

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Monday, April 10, the North Dakota Legislature approved a proposed amendment that would restrict the ballot measure process in the state. Senate Concurrent Resolution 4013 will go before the state’s voters during the November 2024 election for approval.

Among other restrictions, S.C.R. 4013 would require constitutional amendments proposed by voters to earn a majority of the vote at both a primary election and the subsequent general election in order to go into effect. This double approval requirement would not apply to amendments proposed by the state Legislature. Currently, voter-initiated amendments only need to be approved in one election.

The proposed amendment is part of a trend of Republican-controlled states moving to restrict the ballot measure process in recent years. Voters in many states have used the process to enact policies over the objections of Republican legislators, such as protections for reproductive freedoms, minimum wage increases and Medicaid expansion.

Read S.C.R. 4013.