Newsmax Admits Fault to Settle Dominion Voting Lawsuit

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The conservative news website Newsmax settled a defamation lawsuit on Friday brought by Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion sued Newsmax in December over the site’s promotion of unfounded allegations of voter fraud and conspiracy theories about the use of Dominion’s voting machines in 2020. 

In order to settle the suit, Newsmax admitted there was no truth to the voter fraud claims they repeatedly aired and promoted, and apologized to Dominion Security Director Eric Coomer, who was the frequent target of outlandish claims by the outlet including a false accusation that he confessed to rigging the election on a conference call with “Antifa.” Coomer has been subject to threats and harassment by Newsmax viewers ever since. Further details of the settlement were not made public.

Dominion has filed multiple defamation cases against proponents of Trump’s Big Lie that maligned the quality and accuracy of their machines in the months after the election. Fox News currently faces a $1.6 billion suit from the company, and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani is on the hook for $1.3 billion

Read the complaint against Fox here.

Read the complaint against Giuliani here.