New York Enacts Voting Rights Reform Package

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed new election reforms into law that will revise key steps of the voting process in New York. The state has rolled out a series of new election laws over the past few years in an effort to expand ballot access and make the process more democratic. For the first time, this spring’s mayoral primary in New York City was a ranked-choice election, and Democrats in state government recently restored voting rights for all parolees. 

The new package signed last week includes multiple voting reforms, such as: 

  • Ensuring that mail ballots postmarked by Election Day count as timely.
  • Allowing voters to request an absentee ballot online.
  • Requiring visible signs with updated information to be posted at old polling locations if a precinct’s voting location has changed recently. 
  • Increasing the number of voters per district, in line with new voting machine technology and expanded vote scanning capabilities.

Read the new laws here:

Senate Bill 6429
Senate Bill 6379
Senate Bill 6216
Senate Bill 264
Senate Bill 613A
Senate Bill 6855