Missouri Enacts New Congressional Map

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After months of Republican infighting, Missouri has enacted a new congressional map. On the second to last day of its legislative session, May 12, the GOP-controlled Legislature finally passed a congressional map that maintains the current six Republican, two Democrat split of its eight-member congressional delegation. Gov. Mike Parson (R) signed the map into law on Wednesday. 

“It’s unfortunate so much time and productivity were lost just to receive a map with the same partisan split that was proposed six months ago,” Parson wrote in a press release. “These past months could have been better used by county clerks implementing a new map and preparing for upcoming elections.” Parson is referring to a group of Republican hardliners who stalled the process, pushing for a 7-1 map that would have dismantled the Kansas City-based seat currently represented by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D).

The map is in effect and will be used for Missouri’s Aug. 2 primary election.

Find the new congressional map here.