Michigan Commission Approves New Congressional Map

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Earlier today, the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission approved a new congressional map for the state. The commission, established via a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2018, voted 8-5 to adopt the “Chestnut” draft plan. The plan passed with the support of two Republican commissioners, two Democratic commissioners and four independent commissioners.

Michigan lost a congressional district for the fifth consecutive decade as a result of slow population growth, reducing the number of districts to 13. The new map is significantly less biased towards Republicans than the previous map and pairs several current representatives together, potentially setting up primary and general election fights between incumbents. Some politicians and civil rights groups have also raised concerns about the elimination of two majority-Black districts in Detroit. Barring legal challenges, the map will become law 60 days after it is officially published by the commission.

Find the approved map here.