Georgia Committee Advances Two New Suppression Bills

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Georgia Senate Ethics Committee voted today to advance two more bills attacking voting rights and vote by mail. The bills would end automatic voter registration and no-excuse absentee voting in Georgia.

The first bill — Senate Bill 69 — would stop the practice of automatically registering voters when they get their driver’s licenses. Instead, Georgians would have to affirmatively check a box to indicate that they want to register. The second bill — Senate Bill 71 — would only allow people to vote absentee if they’re over 65, have a physical disability or are out of town. Currently, any registered Georgia voter can apply for and vote by mail.

These restrictive bills are just the latest in a flurry of suppressive legislation introduced by Republicans in Georgia and across the country. Last week, the Georgia Assembly proposed a similar elections bill that would also limit voting options and disenfranchise minority and young voters.

S.B. 69 and S.B. 71 were passed through committee on a party line vote. The bills could reach the full state Senate as soon as next week.

Read S.B. 69 here.

Read S.B. 71 here.