Arizona Moves To Give Lawmakers Final Say On Election Results

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Republican lawmakers in Arizona have introduced a set of bills that would allow the Legislature to complete the final review of the state’s election results, rather than election officials. Versions of the bill have been introduced in both the state House and Senate and would create a new special legislative session the Monday after Election Day where the Republican-led Legislature would “review or investigate the results” and appoint presidential electors in a sharp break from convention.

The move could essentially allow politicians in the statehouse to appoint their own presidential electors. State Sen. Sean Bowie (D) is one of many Democrats and voting rights advocates to sound the alarm about the pending legislation: “Why even have a presidential election, why have voters vote on it if, essentially the legislature is going to be able to override whatever the voters vote for,” he asked Tuesday

Republicans’ effort to change the election process comes after Tuesday’s conclusion of an official audit of Maricopa County’s election results, which determined there was zero evidence of fraud or “vote switching” in the state’s largest county. Versions of the proposed election change have been introduced in both chambers in Arizona, as a constitutional amendment in the state Senate and as a bill in the state House. If passed, the constitutional amendment would move to a statewide vote on the 2022 general election ballot.

Read the amendments to S.C.R. 1006 here.