Indiana GOP Releases First Draft of State House and U.S. Congressional Maps

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Tuesday, the Republican-controlled Indiana state Legislature released the first drafts of the Indiana House and U.S. House maps. Republicans have commanding control of the Indiana General Assembly with 39 of 50 seats in the state Senate and 71 of 100 seats in the state House. Seven of Indiana’s nine representatives in Congress are Republican. However, census data released earlier this summer indicated significant demographic shifts since the last redistricting a decade ago. 49 of Indiana’s 92 counties, all rural, saw notable population declines while growth largely occurred in cities and suburbs, accompanied by an increasing share of non-white residents.

During public hearings in August, Hoosiers implored lawmakers to slow down the proposed timeline so they can have more than just a few days to add their input in this once-a-decade process. Currently, the House Elections and Apportionment Committee is hosting public hearings tomorrow and Thursday with an amend-and-vote-only meeting scheduled for the morning of Sept. 20. The Hoosier State boasts a new tool where residents can draw and propose their own maps via web portal. In Indiana, the state Legislature is responsible for drawing the maps and the governor has veto power; with a Republican trifecta, the maps will likely be approved.

Find the Indiana House maps here.

Find the U.S. House maps here.