DSCC Moves To Intervene in Wisconsin Drop Box Challenge

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On July 13, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) moved to intervene in a recent lawsuit seeking to ban drop boxes across Wisconsin. The suit, brought by conservative group Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty against the Wisconsin Elections Commission, alleges that the use of drop boxes in the state violates Wisconsin election laws and asks the court to require voters mail or return their own completed absentee ballots to designated officials.

The DSCC, whose mission is to elect Democratic senators, moves to intervene in the case to protect the use of drop boxes, arguing that the lawsuit’s request to ban drop boxes will erect “new and unjustifiable burdens to voting in advance of the upcoming U.S. Senate election.” The invalidation of drop boxes, along with burdening voters who rely on this accessible form of voting, would impede the DSCC’s ability to elect Democratic senators and require it to spend additional time and resources educating Wisconsin voters about alternative methods of voting. Despite Republicans’ attempts to limit absentee voting in the state, the DSCC points out that the widespread use of drop boxes during the 2020 election contributed to high turnout across the state and there is no evidence of fraud related to their use. 

Read the motion to intervene here.

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