Conservative Group Files Bogus Election Complaint in Wisconsin

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A conservative activist group, the Amistad Project, filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission on Tuesday, falsely alleging that the election was stolen and taking issue with Madison County’s legal use of private grants to help fund election administration in 2020. The complaint is the fifth the group has filed in Wisconsin counties; it was joined by Republican lawmakers at a rally in support of the complaint on the state capitol steps on Tuesday. 

The complaint alleges that the city of Madison improperly used grants from nonprofit organizations to assist in its election administration without getting approval from the state Legislature. However, the complaint fails to mention that more than 200 Wisconsin municipalities accepted such funding. Nonprofit donations to election administrators have been the target of conservative attacks over the last few months as Republican legislatures refuse to sufficiently fund election infrastructure to ensure elections run smoothly and fairly. Their scheme is clear: They want to ensure that a lack of election administration funding is absolute. 

Read the complaint here.