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Learn more about the lawsuits shaping voting rights, redistricting and elections by exploring Democracy Docket’s comprehensive database of cases. Click on any case to find a brief summary of the lawsuit and all relevant filings in the “case documents” section.

State of Texas

Texas Harris County Polling Hours Extension

Texas Organizing Project v. Harris County

Petition filed by the Texas Organizing Project requesting that the Harris County District Court allow 12 polling locations to remain open until 8:00 p.m. CST, which is one hour later than they would normally remain open.



State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Delaware County Poll Watchers Challenge

Delaware County Republican Executive Committee v. Delaware County Board of Elections

Petition filed by the Delaware County Republican Party against the Delaware County, Pennsylvania Board of Elections (“BOE”) requesting that the court “grant access to and permit [the plaintiff’s] watchers and attorneys to be present in all areas of the Board of Elections offices.”



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