State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Impasse Litigation

Norelli v. Scanlon

Lawsuit filed on behalf of voters over New Hampshire’s failure to enact a new congressional map based on 2020 census data. After Gov. Chris Sununu (R) stated that he would veto the map passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature on March 17, and given that Sununu’s own map proposal has failed to move forward, the redistricting process stands at a stalemate and the state is left with two districts drawn with 2010 census data. The plaintiffs argue that these districts are malapportioned and do not comply with the constitutional principle of one person, one vote. Given this impasse, the complaint asks the state court to block the current map and ensure a map based on 2020 census data is enacted before the 2022 election cycle.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court took control of the process. A special master appointed by the court proposed a least-change map since the Legislature and governor failed to agree on a map in time, which the court adopted.

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