State of Arkansas

Arkansas Congressional Redistricting Challenge (Suttlar)

Suttlar v. Thurston

Lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of Black Arkansas voters challenging the state’s new congressional map. The lawsuit alleges that the map dilutes the voting strength of Black voters by splitting them between multiple districts, effectively ensuring that Black voters in southern and central Arkansas do not have the same voting power as white voters. The lawsuit specifically focuses on how Pulaski County, home to the largest Black population in Arkansas, is divided between three of the state’s four congressional districts. The plaintiffs ask the court to block the current congressional map and order the creation of a new map that does not dilute Black voting strength across the state. The case was removed from state court to federal court, which the plaintiffs are opposing. On July 8, the federal court stayed (meaning paused) proceedings pending a decision on the plaintiffs’ motion to move the case back to state court. On July 13, the court granted the plaintiffs’ request to move the case back to state court. On May 11, 2023, a state trial court judge dismissed the lawsuit.

Case Documents (Circuit court of pulaski county)

Case Documents (Federal District court)

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