State of Arkansas

Arkansas Act 236 Challenge (Arkansas Voter Integrity Initiative)

Reynolds v. Thurston

Lawsuit filed by Arkansas Voter Integrity Initiative, Restore Election Integrity Arkansas and a voter against Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston (R) and the State Board of Election Commissioners challenging the secretary of state’s decision not to certify two ballot initiatives to require voters to submit paper ballots. The plaintiffs argue that Act 236, a law passed in 2023 which places additional requirements on the ballot initiative process, violates the state constitution. They claim that Act 236’s requirement that ballot initiatives receive signatures from all 50 counties in Arkansas violates the state constitution, which previously required signatures from only 15 counties. They ask the court to find Act 236 unconstitutional and certify their ballot initiatives.

RESULT: On May 30, 2024, the Arkansas Supreme Court declined to reverse the secretary of state’s decision. The initiatives will not appear on the ballot in Arkansas’ elections.


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