State of Arizona

Arizona Voting Reforms Ballot Initiative Challenge

Mussi v. Hobbs

Lawsuit filed by two Arizona residents and a conservative group, Arizona Free Enterprise Club, challenging a ballot initiative that would safeguard mail-in voting, protect voting access for Indigenous voters and voters with disabilities, expand early voting, improve voter registration, expand voter assistance, prevent the state Legislature from overturning presidential election results and more. The plaintiffs allege that the people circulating the petition (“circulators”) were not “properly registered with the Secretary of State” and that the signatures in support of the ballot initiative obtained by these individuals are legally insufficient. Additionally, the plaintiffs allege that certain petition sheets had incomplete or incorrect information regarding the person collecting those signatures. The plaintiffs request that all signatures that were collected by individuals who “were not properly registered” are not counted and request the exclusion of signatures on tally sheets that do not have the “circulator’s full name and correct registration number on both sides of the sheet.” After some back and forth between the trial and state supreme courts, the ballot initiative was invalidated for failing to gather enough valid signatures. This means that the ballot initiative will not appear on the November 2022 ballot.

Case Documents (AZ superior court)

Case Documents (Az supreme court)

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