State of Arizona

Arizona Maricopa County Polling Hours Extension

Republican National Committee v. Richer

Lawsuit filed by the Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee, Blake Masters for Senate, Kari Lake for Arizona and a Republican Arizona voter seeking to extend the polling hours in Maricopa County, Arizona after the county experienced issues with tabulators on Election Day. The plaintiffs ask the court to extend the hours for voting on Nov. 8 in Maricopa County to 10 p.m. MST; delay releasing any tabulated early ballot returns in Maricopa County until 11:00 p.m. MST on Nov. 9; “instruct the inspector at every polling location that voters who choose to spoil their ballot and leave the voting center without casting a ballot must be ‘checked out’ in the electronic pollbook” and “instruct the inspector at every polling location that voters whom the e-pollbook have recorded as having previously voted in this election must be permitted to complete and cast a provisional ballot.” On Nov. 8, an Arizona judge denied the plaintiffs’ request to extend Maricopa County’s polling hours to 10 pm, stating that no voter was prevented from voting due to earlier issues with ballot tabulators. On Nov. 15, the plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit.

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