100 Days of Democracy

A calendar with the presidential seal in the header

Last week, we launched the Democracy Agenda with the goal of soliciting, proposing and amplifying voting reforms that will allow the Biden-Harris Administration, Congress, state legislatures and progressive organizations to protect and expand the right to vote, ensure fair districting and restore democratic values.

We asked our voting rights community what they thought should be on the 2021 Democracy Agenda. Over 2,000 people have already submitted their ideas.

“National non-excuse mail-in voting!” – Laura

Universal voter registration.” – Anitha

Make Election Day a national holiday!” – Kelly

More polling places and drop boxes.” – Sam

Continue to fight voter suppression.” – Monique

Democracy Docket is excited to see your reform goals in action through litigation, legislation and activism. Our 100 Days of Democracy initiative will build off these ideas to fight for laws, policies and practices that strengthen our democracy and its institutions. Join us in celebrating the Biden-Harris Administration’s first 100 days by following along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

It’s not too late to add your idea to the 2021 Democracy Agenda!