Voting Rights Groups Sue Kansas Over Voter Suppression Bills

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Voting rights groups sued Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab and Attorney General Derek Schmidt on Tuesday after the state’s Republican legislature overrode the Governor’s veto to enact two new voter suppression bills last month. The complaint, filed by the League of Women Voters of Kansas, Loud Light, Kansas Appleseed and Topeka Independent Resource Center, alleges that the laws violate the Kansas Constitution by unduly burdening Kansans’ right to vote.

HB 2183 and HB 2332 ban nonpartisan, out-of-state groups from sending materials encouraging Kansans to vote, impose burdensome and vague signature requirements, make it a crime to assist and educate voters if the assistance appears to come from an “election official” and prohibit an individual or group from helping more than 10 voters deliver their completed ballots, among other provisions. These laws will make it harder for voters who are disabled, elderly or do not speak English to complete their ballots, and will make it difficult for communities without reliable access to mail or transportation to return their ballots.

Read the complaint here.