Wisconsin Election Officials Remove Over 205,000 Voters From Rolls

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Wisconsin election officials have deactivated over 205,000 voter registrations “as part of routine work to keep the state’s registration lists up to date,” according to reporting by the Associated Press. Of that number, 174,307 inactive voter registrations (meaning the voter had not cast a ballot in the past four years) were canceled after individuals failed to respond to an election mailing; 31,854 voter registrations were canceled after individuals suspected of moving did not respond to an election mailing.

Deactivating potentially eligible voters’ registrations in the key swing state — where President Joe Biden won by about 20,000 votes in the 2020 election — has been a top priority of conservative agendas, with lawsuits aiming to purge voters filed in Wisconsin courts during the past election cycle and into this year

If you are a Wisconsin voter, you can check your registration status here. Any eligible voter whose registration was deactivated during this recent action can re-register at the same website.