Texas Republican Introduces Bill To Ban College Polling Places

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Thursday, Feb. 16, Texas Rep. Carrie Isaac (R) introduced House Bill 2390, a bill that would ban counties from opening polling locations on college and university campuses. H.B. 2390 would make it more difficult for students in the state to vote by requiring students to travel further from their campuses to do so. Isaac represents Hays County, which includes Texas State University, the 5th largest university in the state with over 38,000 students.

H.B. 2390 is just the latest in a long line of attacks on young Americans’ right to vote in Texas. For example, 

The legislation mirrors Republican efforts in other states, such as a bill in Idaho banning student IDs for voting. In 2021, Montana enacted multiple laws that were struck down for targeting young voters.

Read H.B. 2390 here.

Track the status of H.B. 2390 here.