Kentucky Advances Bipartisan Early Vote Expansion

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Monday, the Kentucky Legislature passed bipartisan voting rights legislation 91-3 that would establish permanent early voting in the state. The Kentucky secretary of state characterized House Bill 574 as the most significant elections legislation in a century; it includes three days of early voting, creates vote centers where anyone can cast a ballot no matter their precinct and establishes an online portal for requesting mail-in ballots. 

Unlike other states, Kentucky’s Republican Secretary of State Michael Adams and Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear worked together closely to make pandemic voting easier last year. They put in place reforms such as no-excuse early voting and an online absentee portal, two provisions that will become permanent in H.B. 574. This cooperation helped the state reduce long voting lines in 2020. 

The bill now moves to Beshear’s desk for signing. 

Read H.B. 574 here.