37 Michigan Companies Oppose Voter Restrictions

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Over three dozen leaders of major Michigan companies signed a letter on Tuesday stating their support for free and fair access to the ballot box. The move comes in the wake of nationwide voter suppression efforts by Republicans that prompted corporations to speak out against disenfranchising legislation. In Michigan, Republicans in the Legislature have followed the lead of their national colleagues, proposing a blitz of 39 new voter suppression bills in March alone. 

Although their letter does not call out any particular legislation, the corporate leaders highlighted eight key principles they stood united behind, including equitable access to the ballot and the belief that the government must not enact any laws that would decrease participation in elections, especially among minority voters. Among the companies signed on to the letter are General Motors, Ford, Quicken Loans and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. In a statement about the letter, GM said “we are calling on Michigan lawmakers and state legislatures across the nation to ensure that any changes to voting laws result in protecting and enhancing the most precious element of democracy—the right for all eligible voters to have their voices included in a fair, free and equitable manner.”

Read the letter here.