Safeguarding vote by mail is only a part of the solution. States must equally ensure that in-person voting remains safe and available to all. 

Some voters—and in particular many minority voters—strongly prefer voting in person, either because of historical mistrust in the vote-by-mail system or because of the expressive nature of showing up at the polls.

Here are the five in-person voting requirements that, at a minimum, states should implement to ensure that eligible voters may fully participate in the election this November: 

1. States must guarantee staffing at polls by turning to staff at state agencies and to students

2. States should expand curbside voting for voters of all ages

3. States must expand early voting to include weekend voting

4. States should adopt vote-anywhere or vote center rules, allowing voters to cast their ballot in any polling place in their jurisdiction

5. States should develop systems that allow voters to sign up to reserve a time to vote during off-peak hours

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