State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Online Absentee Ballot Application Challenge

Stone v. Wolfe

Complaint filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) by Honest Open Transparent Government (HOT Government) — a right wing group that spreads false claims of voter fraud — challenging the use of the WEC website ( used to process absentee ballot requests. The website has an online portal that voters can use to register to vote, find out what is on their ballot and where their polling location is, track their ballot and request an absentee ballot. In its complaint, the group alleges that the use of WEC’s website for absentee ballot requests does not fall within a legal method of requesting absentee ballots listed by Wisconsin election code, which they allege “requires electors to submit their absentee ballot applications directly to their local municipal clerk, not to MyVote or WEC who subsequently alert local clerks that their electors requested absentee ballots.” Additionally, the group defends Harry Wait, a Wisconsin voter who is being investigated by the Wisconsin Department of Justice for requesting absentee ballots of notable Wisconsin elected officials, and asks the WEC to “stop the persecution of Harry Wait,” even though the WEC does not have authority over such matters. In the rather unserious complaint (in which Kanye West is cited), the group also alleges that “the real fraud was [the WEC] inserting MyVote between the electors and municipal clerks in the absentee ballot application process.” 

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