State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Republican Mail-in Voting Challenge

Lyons v. Galvin

Lawsuit filed by Massachusetts GOP Chair Jim Lyons and GOP candidate for Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Rayla Campbell against Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin (D) challenging the state’s newly enacted expansive voting law, Senate Bill 2924 (the VOTES Act). The VOTES Act makes mail-in voting permanent, expands early voting options and implements other reforms. According to the plaintiffs, the law is incompatible with the Massachusetts Constitution which states that voters may only vote by mail if they are out of town, physically disabled or have religious-based conflicts. Because the expanded mail-in voting options do not fall within the three categories enumerated in the state constitution, the conservative plaintiffs contend that absentee ballots are more susceptible to “fraud.” The plaintiffs asked the court to temporarily block Galvin’s implementation of the VOTES Act for the upcoming primary and general elections in the state. On July 11, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that the VOTES Act is constitutional.

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