State of Illinois

Illinois Legislative Redistricting Challenge

East St. Louis Branch NAACP v. Illinois State Board of Elections

Lawsuit filed on behalf of the East St. Louis Branch NAACP, Illinois State Conference of the NAACP and the United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations challenging new state House districts drawn with 2020 census data. The complaint argues that three districts — 112, 113 and 114 — are racial gerrymanders in violation of the 14th and 15th Amendments and Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that state House Districts 112 and 113 are drawn to protect white Democratic incumbents while state House District 114 is drawn to dilute the voting power of Black voters. The complaint asks the court to declare the challenged districts unconstitutional and block their use in future elections. The case was moved in front of the same three-judge panel adjudicating redistricting claims in Contreras v. Illinois State Board of Elections and McConchie v. Illinois State Board of Elections; all filings can be viewed on those case pages. The three-judge panel upheld the legislative districts and declined to order the creation of new maps that include more majority-Latino and majority-Black districts. 

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