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Vote by Mail
* Achieved by Democracy Docket litigation
** Litigation pending

Who can vote by mail?

Anyone, no excuse needed. 

Does MO provide prepaid postage?


When is my ballot due?

Must be received by the close of polls on Election Day.**

Are there signature matching requirements?

Yes, but no cure opportunity guaranteed.**

Is third-party ballot collection permitted?

No. Only certain family members may return ballots.**

Can someone assist me with filling out my ballot?


Is there a witness requirement?

Ballot envelopes must be notarized, unless voter is (1) confined due to illness or disability, or, (2) voter has contracted COVID-19 or is in one of the state’s “at risk” categories.**

Are ballot drop boxes available?


In-Person Voting
* Achieved by Democracy Docket litigation
** Litigation pending

Is there early voting?

No. However, absentee (but not mail-in) voters may obtain and cast an absentee ballot in person.

If I vote out of precinct, will my vote still count for state and federal candidates?


Voter Checklist
Check my voter registration here or register here.
Request my absentee or mail ballot here.
Confirm my signature matches the one on file.
If voting by mail, return as soon as possible.