Active Cases

Pennsylvania VBM Certification Challenge

Kelly vs. Pennsylvania

Several Republican candidates and voters filed a lawsuit against Pennsylvania, the General Assembly, the governor, and Secretary of State. The lawsuit seeks to block the state from certifying the election results and asks the court to exclude mail-in ballots from the certified results, or alternatively direct the general assembly to choose its own electors.


Pennsylvania Presidential Elector Challenge

Pirkle v. Wolf

Lawsuit filed by voters in Pennsylvania claiming election officials included illegal Presidential Elector results. The challenge seeks to to stop the certification of presidential election results from certain counties.

Active Cases

Pennsylvania Democratic Counties Challenge

Trump v. Boockvar

Trump Campaign lawsuit filed against Democratic counties in Pennsylvania. The suit challenges the results of the election and asks the court to prohibit the certification of results.


Pennsylvania Northampton County Ballots

In re: Motion for Injunctive Relief of Northampton County Republican Committee

Lawsuit filed by Northampton County Republican Committee attempting to stop the county board of elections from disclosing the identity of canceled ballots.


Philadelphia County Board of Elections Vote Counting

Donald J. Trump for President Inc. v. Philadelphia County Board of Elections

Lawsuit brought by the Trump Campaign seeking to stop the Philadelphia County Board of Elections from counting ballots until Republican observers are present.


Pennsylvania Trump Missing ID

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. v. Boockvar

Lawsuit brought by the Trump Campaign attempting to prohibit voters from providing proof of missing identification.


Pennsylvania Provisional Ballot Challenge

Hamm v. Boockvar

Election Day Republican lawsuit seeking to block voters whose mail-in ballots were rejected from casting provisional ballots.

Active Cases

Pennsylvania Bucks County Pre-Canvass

In re: Pre-Canvass

Lawsuit filed by the Trump Campaign petitioning the release of voter identification information during the pre-canvass.