*Four Pillars Lawsuit

South Carolina COVID-19 Election Relief (Federal)*

Middleton v. Andino

On behalf of individual voters, the South Carolina Democratic Party, the DNC and the DCCC, we challenged South Carolina’s vote by mail restrictions. The state requires a witness signature on absentee ballots, does not provide pre-paid postage, and has an Election Day cut-off of not counting ballots received after 7:00 PM on Election Day. South Carolina also makes it a felony for a candidate or paid campaign staff to assist voters with returning their voted absentee ballots to elections officials. These voting hurdles, especially during the unprecedented public health crisis caused by COVID-19, disenfranchises voters in South Carolina and particularly burdens African American voters.

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South Carolina COVID-19 Election Relief (State)*

Bailey v. Andino

Due to the unprecedented public health crisis posed by COVID-19, we sued South Carolina asking the court to allow those who are practicing social distancing to qualify for absentee voting in the June primary election. Currently, South Carolina election law requires the overwhelming majority of voters in the state to vote in person on election day. This will put millions of voters and poll workers at risk in the primary election and other elections in 2020 during the ongoing crisis. We filed the lawsuit on behalf of individual voters, the South Carolina Democratic Party and the DCCC.

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South Carolina Social Security Number Voter Registration

South Carolina Democratic Party v. Andino

Challenging South Carolina over its requirement that individuals seeking to register to vote disclose their full nine digit Social Security Number on their voter registration applications. As a result of our lawsuit, the State has changed its position less than two months after our lawsuit was filed. The State agreed to interpret the law as only requiring the last four digits of a registrant’s social security number.

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