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Five Years Later

Last week was the anniversary of Trump’s election defeat and the beginning of the Big Lie. But today I’m thinking of a different anniversary — the five-year anniversary of how our national nightmare began.

By Marc Elias

A woman peering over a Trump campaign yard soon through a pair of bincoculars that feature Hillary Clinton conceding the 2016 election in one lens and Rudy Guiliani hosting a press conference at Four Seasons Landscaping following the 2020 election in the other lens

Election Day 2021 Recap

We’re not going to sugarcoat it — this year’s elections were not what Democrats hoped for, with Republicans outperforming expectations in many races. Here is a recap of the most notable results from Election Day 2021.

By Democracy Docket

A defeated donkey accompanied by a ballot that says "OFFICIAL ELECTION BALLOT TERRY R. MCAULIFFE GOVERNOR and HALA S. AYALA LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR" and a red-tinted elephant accompanied by a ballot that says "OFFICIAL ELECTION BALLOT GLENN A. YOUNGKIN GOVERNOR and WINSOME E. SEARS LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR"

The Races We’re Watching in 2021

2021 may be an “off” year for elections, but that doesn’t mean the elections that are happening are any less important. In today’s piece, we’re highlighting some of the most important races on the ballot this year.

By Democracy Docket

A collage featuring various Democratic 2021 candidates including gubernatorial nominees Terry McAuliffe (VA) and Phil Murphy (NJ), candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor Hala Ayala, and Boston mayoral candidate Michelle Wu

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