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How Georgia Went Blue

Georgia reached a tipping point in 2020, where our voters, activists, organizations, attorneys and determination toppled decades of voter suppression. We’ve turned Georgia blue — now comes the hard work of staying here.

By Stacey Abrams

The state of Georgia filled in with individual patches of blue fabric

We Will Be Heard

We will not be able to make change unless we lift up every voice. We need to go beyond encouraging people to vote, because this election is so much more than casting one ballot. This November, we will be heard.

By Aloe Blacc

Four "I Voted" stickers

It’s Harder for Young People To Vote

Understanding how young people are especially burdened by the voting process is essential for diagnosing shortcomings of our current voting system — and for identifying the specific policy changes most likely to increase youth turnout.

By Charlotte Hill

Three track hurdles blocking a "VOTE HERE" sign

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