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Protect Montana’s Youth Vote

Voting is a right, not a privilege. But during the 2021 legislative session, Montana legislators seemed to forget this central tenet and passed a myriad of bills suppressing Montanans’ fundamental right to vote.

By Scout McMahon, Kiersten Iwai and Liz Albers

A Montana grizzly bear surrounded by voter suppressions bills with text that say, "HOUSE BILL 176, SENATE BILL 169, HOUSE BILL 506."

First, We Invest. Then, We Build

The fear of Democrats losing power in the upcoming elections has become commonplace and is only intensifying as we approach midterms, but this doesn’t have to be the case. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

By Ross Rocketto and Kat Calvin

Three sets of hands each holding a different voting-themed sticker that says, "RUN, VOTE, or ENGAGE"

Working Toward Full Suffrage

In a nation founded on the promise of representative democracy, voting is one of the most sacred and fundamental rights we have — so much so that the right to vote is effectively synonymous with citizenship itself.

By John Legend

A man looking up toward a house that features a "VOTE" mural and two sets of hands coming through each of its windows, one is the fist of an activist and the other is a pair of hands releasing white doves into the open sky

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